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    Invisivision is a patent-pending technology developed by PipeDream Interactive. This new innovation allows a user to choose between two video streams on the same screen in a cost effective and efficient way. A marvel in film, advertising, gaming, and education is here.

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Invisivision Cinema

Movie Cinema

A revolution in film entertainment.
Films will now be more interactive and allow users to truly control their experience.

Invisivision Museum

Education & Marketing

Engaging interactive displays.
Explore exhibits and displays with added content, branding, and material.

Invisivision Video Games

Video Gaming

The next generation in gaming.
Immersive experiences that gives gamers fullscreen multi-player and HUD capabilities.

Photo Progress

Expect current status of our progress through development and interaction with key celebrities and industry moguls. We will host photos and videos which showcase our journey from rags to better rags.


Check back regularly for updates on the progress of our product and news on the development of our product. We will be posting stories and blogs to keep you informed and wise.

Social Media

Like and follow Invisivision on various social media outlets. Contests, prizes, and the latest news will be available to you at your finger tips so that you can tell your friends why you’re better than them.

Custom Shop

Once launched, you will have the freedom to purchase custom product through our online store. Not only will you have something that no one else has, but you’ll have a custom, first iteration and you will, therefore, be better.

A beautiful experience!

Technology that dominates and revolutionizes the entertainment industry. Simply put; it blows minds!

Dual View Perspectives
Reveal / Conceal Content
Interactive Marketing
Accessibility with Closed Captions
Gaming and Education

Dont take our word for it…

What others say about us!

Mike Chantaj

“As a director and editor who has worked on an Invisivision project, the process began as a nerve-wracking but exciting attempt at trying something new. However when production began, it quickly became apparent that the integration of Invisivision technology had so little effect on how we work on set that it barely registered with me as a worry anymore. Upon entering post-production it was the same thing – if you know how to shoot footage for CGI and for VFX, you know how to shoot it for Invisivision.”

Mike ChantajDirector / Writer / EditorMike Chantaj
Dave Inglis

This is a game changer.  I can’t stop thinking about the applications for this technology.

Dave InglisDirector of Client RelationsPlasticity Labs
Krzysztof Pietroszek

Wow, honestly, I’ve never been so impressed with a simple and ingenious idea.

Krzysztof PietroszekFounder & CEOKPicture Inc.
Eric Meger

You have a very interesting product and I think you are on the right path for commercialization.

Eric MegerCEOMaerospace Corporation
Josh Hillis

Oh that’s cool…. OH!… That IS kind of interesting! I totally see the value in this.

Josh HillisCo-founderFlykyt

Coming to every major north american city and beyond

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