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Invisivision is a new type of entertainment eyewear technology that is taking the industry by storm.

Through our patent pending, handsfree, eyewear technology, a user is able to have a two-screen experience on a single screen. Without the use of costly electronics, cumbersome hardware, and an expensive infrastructure, Invisivision users have an experience that reaches the pinnacle of engagement.

Invisivision uses specific passive filters to separate and isolate multiple image streams being broadcast to the viewer on a single display.

Invisivision Solution

How Invisivision Works

Stereoscopic projection is accomplished by displaying two image streams on the same screen, simultaneously. In 3D entertainment, these streams are identical and slightly offset and broadcast independently into each one of our eyes using lens filters. Our brains then combine the nearly identical streams and, as a result of the offset, the perception of depth is created.

Using the existing infrastructure and technology, we’ve discovered a way to use a combination of differently polarized filters to enable the viewer the ability to choose between the two image streams.

A beautiful experience!

Technology that dominates and revolutionizes the entertainment industry. Simply put; it blows minds!

Dual View Perspectives
Reveal / Conceal Content
Accessibility with Closed Captions
Marketing & Live Events
Gaming & Education

The First Invisivision Film: Optic – The Movie

Optic - The Movie

Humankind has been nearly eradicated by the very technology designed to protect it.

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