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Creative, educated, out-of-the-box thinking, professionals experienced in business, film, and technology, heading “to endlessness and further than that”.

Team Serious
Ryan Brooks

Ryan Brooks

Co-founder / CEO

Character actor for Marvel. English teacher in Japan. Elementary teacher. Screenwriter. Producer. Custom electronics engineer. Lego enthusiast. Ryan‘s life is governed by the self-defined phenomenon known as "Brooksy’s Law". If something can go right, it will. This mythical force is largely responsible for the majority of his accomplishments, including but not limited to his launch into YouTube stardom after committing over ten months to creating the world‘s first transforming Iron Man suit of armour in 2011. Fast forward to the present and you’ll find that Ryan is no less-dedicated in his endeavour to create both unique products and opportunities for unique individuals.

Robert Bruski

Robert Bruski

Co-founder / CFO

Having studied economics and financial engineering, Robert sharpened his teeth in the Canadian financial sector on Bay Street for nearly 10 years. Mobilizing his knowledge of value investing and what makes a "good" company truly "great," Robert brings top-tier business acumen to his wildly right-brained creative side in a fury of limit-pushing, line-crossing, ingenuity. No stranger to life-balance, Robert diversifies into high-octane adrenaline sports, musical composition, mycological research and off-the-beaten-path travel escapades.

Josh Brooks

Josh Brooks

Co-founder / COO

From an early age, it was evident that Josh possessed a variety of unique talents. Having already participated in experimental oral surgery, he understood the value of progress. Josh is a celebrated historian in the moving picture industry, as well an expert in spacecraft construction. As an award winning stage performer and celebrity double, Josh is no stranger to success. He’s been on Broadway, swam with deadly aquatic life, featured in a national documentary, and even brushed elbows with a lethal assassin. Needless to say, Josh envisions the difference.

Welcome! This is the PipeDream Team. Did we say that we would love to work with you? We have now! Get in touch!

F5 Industries

Partnership with F5 Industries

PipeDream Interactive has partnered with the areas premiere digital media and marketing firm.

F5 Industries works with some of the largest and most advanced product firms bringing their ideas and and values to life. Working with the brilliants minds at F5 Industries has brought innovation and ingenuity opportunities to Invisivision. With their contribution to the development and strategy of the Invisivision technology, PipeDream has been making leaps and bounds in the marketing and advertising industry.

The Office

Proud members of Laurier Launchpad Incubator at The Communitech Hub.

  • Laurier Launchpad Sandbox

    Group work space at WLU Launchpad

    Laurier Launchpad 2
  • WLU Launchpad

    Collaboration at WLU Launchpad

    Laurier Launchpad 1
  • The Tannery

    Artist rendering of The Tannery Building

    Communitech 9
  • The Tannery

    The Tannery Building

    Communitech 8
  • Communitech Welcomes

    Entrance to Communitech

    Communitech 6
  • Communitech Events

    Group social area at Communitech

    Communitech 7
  • Communitech Space

    Group workspace at Communitech

    Communitech 5
  • Communitech Courtyard

    A great place to have lunch on a nice day

    Communitech 4
  • The Tannery

    Inside The Tannery Building

    Communitech 3
  • The Tannery

    The Tannery Building from street view

    Communitech 2
  • Communitech Meetings

    Meeting space inside Communitech

    Communitech 1

The Wilfrid Laurier Launchpad space is an incubator that is domiciled inside the Communitech ecosystem. PipeDream Interactive / Invisivision has taken up residence within one of the most collaborative and creative environments in Southern Ontario.